Bilateral Solutions

Bilateral Solutions for Mental Health at Work

Solutions to the problem of mental health at work problems can be legitimately considered from TWO different perspectives:

  1. ┬áThe development of strategies and mechanisms to prevent harms arising from the principal causes of work related stress – these include both the adoption of the HSE Management Standards which form part of the legal duty of care to employees and the implementation of the Mental Health Core Standards recommended in the Government commissioned Stevenson & Farmer review of mental health and employers October 2017 which outlines what employers can do to play a more proactive role in the management of pre-existent mental health problems in their staff.
  2. The development of awareness and resilience to mental health problems on an individual basis so that people are better equipped to cope with the stressors and demands within the workplace.

In this respect, the stakeholders in any work environment (employers and employees) can both benefit from these bilateral solutions as the problem is tackled from both side of the equation.

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